Thursday, April 29, 2010

All Night Long...

We are officially editors! We have successfully finished a rough cut of our documentary and survived an “All Nighter”... with the help of caffeine and junk food.

It wasn't easy but... during the last 24 hours we have pieced together all the rough cuts of our footage. We have tweaked many sections and went through a lot of footage finding the perfect b-roll. We began working on our title page and credits and chose our documentary’s music bed.

The editing process has taught the entire class how to truly appreciate the time and effort that goes into making all types of film. We learned how to understand what editors go through and the fiascos and challenges they endure. Whether its from a fellow editor or a producer… it can all be very overwhelming at times but it has shown us it can lead to fabulous results as well. We saw first hand patience being tested and the eagerness in completing the rough cut. Many of us are beyond tired but are thrilled to be nearing this documentary’s final phases where we will be using dissolves and audio sweetening, transition effects, titles, and credits. Upon our completion we hope to have a viewing of the documentary… as well as entering it into several Student Documentary Contests and Film Festivals. Lets keep our fingers crossed! =]

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