Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let's Keep Going!

So far this week we have created a paper edit, or timeline of our footage, and have placed it into the general paradigm. Our editors went to work putting together a rough sequence for what is soon to be our documentary. We then took our timeline and wrote it out on large sheets of paper, which we then taped to the wall for all to see while piecing together the footage for this film. This timeline will be sent out to everybody involved in the editing process so we won’t forget our plans. We acquired some old pictures of the Ambassador’s parents, which we intend to include in the documentary. We originally had some issues trying to figure out how to import these photos onto the AVID system, but with some trial and error, we were able to figure everything out. Dr. Luskay made sure that everybody stayed on track and only captured, or uploaded, the footage that we needed to follow our timeline. Everybody is working very hard. We are all brainstorming and coming up with creative ideas to make this an incredible documentary. Our final deadline is May 5th! Let’s keep going!

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