Sunday, April 11, 2010

Post Production

Our class has returned safely to the U.S. and post production is now in full swing. We have been working very hard at digitizing the many hours of beautiful footage that we filmed while in the Netherlands. It is amazing to see how all of the hard work of filming is contained within the footage we have. There are so many wonderful shots. From the U.S. Embassy in the Hague, to the busy streets of Amsterdam, we have so much b-roll and interviews to work with. The many days spent in class learning how to film documentaries have really paid off, and can be seen through the footage we filmed in the Netherlands. We will continue our post production with making any necessary script changes, recording voice overs, and editing the actual documentary. This is a very exciting time, and all of the students are working diligently to complete A Day in the Life of an American Ambassador.

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