Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We never thought that we would say this... but we are done!
It has been an incredible process and we are so excited to reveal our documentary to the world.
Today is our last "meeting" class and are spending it burning and printing labels for the DVDs that we are sending to the Ambassador and the state department.
As a last farewell we gave a scrapbook of The Netherlands and our trip to Professor Luskay as a thank you for all of the things that she showed us. It has been an incredible learning experience for all of us... we all agree that it would not have looked the same if we had a different professor... or other students in our group.
Thank You ... to all of the people that helped us film this documentary.
There was a huge amount of participants, and contributers and we are forever grateful.

Click on the Picture Below for our Documentary !!!!!

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