Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What would you like to see?

Hi all its Caity again...
I am going to put it out there and ask anyone and everyone!
What would you like to see while we are in Holland?

While in Holland we will have access to just about everything really... and I would live to have feedback, let us know if there is a topic we should consider talking about with the Ambassador, a place we should visit in The Hague, or in the immediate area.
I along with the other Grad Students will be documenting the entire trip with small video clips and photos and as well as our postings so please feel free to comment!

Graduate Students:
Caity, Lauren, Matt and Courtney


  1. The warm weather and fields on holland in full bloom with multi-colored Holland Tulips everywhere...JUST PLEASE NO SNOW.....

  2. Ask about their health care system in comparison to what is happening with healthcare in the US. I've read a recent article illustrating how wonderful the healthcare system is there. Why and could it be adopted here?


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