Sunday, March 28, 2010

We have Arrived!!!!

Day 1 - We spent our first day in Amsterdam!
We are staying in Scheveningen, the Beach area of The Hague, where Queen Beatrix's residence is located... we took the Tram and the 40min train ride into Amsterdam.

We were taken on a guided tour throughout the city, to learn of various locations and the history that accompanies them. During our tour of the city we took plenty of B-Roll to include in our Documentary. (Some were so focused on shooting that they were separated from the group and were lost for a short while.) We learned of the great impact the water levels have on the city, as well as how the canals separate the different areas of town.

Even though Professor Kleager warned us "DO NOT WALK IN THE BIKE LANE!" we had to learn it the hard way.... bike, trams and streets are off limits to pedestrians. As we learned more about the culture and the surrounding area, such as the upside down Cow Gift Shop, and Brown Bars (aka local Pubs) we immersed ourselves in the excitement of beginning our documentary.

One of the last stops of the day was the Anne Frank House, where we were able to reflect on the impact a small girl had on a world after the Holocaust.

Check back tomorrow for more!!!
-The Graduate Students


  1. Glad you got there safely! It looks amazing. Looking forward to following you from back here at Pace.

  2. I am glad you are having a good time and you are learning alot. Can't wait to hear more!