Sunday, March 7, 2010

Turning Ideas Into Reality

I posted this as a comment earlier, however, I felt that this may be a good discussion topic. While reading the many posts throughout Black Board, I can see that everyone is doing wonderful research. There are many ideas flying around, which is great for pre-production. As we begin to go over equipment and shooting, I think it's important for everyone to start thinking about how to film what we need to make our ideas a reality. In other words, how do we transform our vision into a physical video in documentary style? From establishing shots to extreme close-ups, we will need everything. But how do we do this? Establishing shots can be gained from high locations, even if it's looking out of the window of a building or even a plane! Non-moving close-ups can be great, such as close-ups of flowers. (Let the wind move the flowers!) Beauty shots are so important. Rack-focus anyone? It can be tricky, but if executed properly can be an amazing shot. At this point it's important to start thinking about these types of shots, and what we must do in order to bring back what we need to create our masterpiece.

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